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Basic Washing

Basic wash and complete detailing starting at $85 cars and sedan. Trucks $110 and up come with an exterior wash, vacuum, tire dressing, leather conditioner, window cleaned undercarriage pressure wash, and fragrance followed by a final touch of Mcguire spray wax on exterior and interior trims. All prices are subject to change depending on conditions that need extra work upon viewing the vehicle.


On my basic wash I spray with pressure washer on car and pressure wash under vehicle than I foam down than I take a detail brush I clean the grills, chrome trims around the car, and emblems. Than I spray the foam off and come back with the wheel bucket then two bucket I wash the upper half with multiple mit than 2nd MIT I wash the bumpers and the lower half of the vehicle. When I finished washing I dry with towel wipe down door jams, trunk, and inside hood. Than I do a final touch with Maguire spray wax on the exterior. Than I go inside and vacuum wipe down dust with the Maguire detail spray for protection on the trims , clean windows and add fragrance under the seat and final step I do is apply tire dressing for the shine and I'm done.

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